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Photo Release: I give Lou-Lou's Play School DBA Future Kiddie permission to take and/or publish pictures and/or videos of my child participating in the Technology Class. There will be no compensation for the parent or child from Lou-lou's play school DBA Future Kiddie or its partners or affiliates now or in the future.


Liability Release: You release and agree to hold harmless Lou-lou's play school DBA Future Kiddie, its officers, agents, and members from all actions, claims, damage resulting from your child's participation in the Technology Class activity.  Your child will remain under the care, direction and supervision of the school while receiving instruction from Lou-Lou's Play School DBA Future Kiddie.


Policy for Missed class, Make-up Lessons, Vacations Break, and Cancellations: We come every week except holiday.  (Exception: bi-weekly classes and special arrangement with school).  No credit for missed class.  For vacation, summer or winter break, please notify us 2 weeks in advance and we will skip the payment accordingly. Please inform us the cancellation by email - or call (480)331-3068.


Automatic Billing Authorization: I authorize Lou-Lou's Play School DBA Future Kiddie to automatically bill me on the 1st day of every month on the credit card/debit card or echeck listed above for my child's monthly tuition. I reserve the right to cancel this service anytime.  Exception: you can request to be auto billed on a different date of the month.  Please contact us individually by email or call us at 480-331-3068.


Communication: Send me a useful & relevant monthly newsletters related to the topics about kids & technology, weekly lesson review email with online learning access for my child, and any special invitation and events for my child. All communication will be via (you can unsubscribe at any time.)


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